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    A Guardian's Heart

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To A Certain Degree - print

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An eminent physicist and his gorgeous student detonate when their astronomical IQ's clash.

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    Iolanthe McKenna has graced glossy magazine covers, walked the most prestigious couture runways, purred over expensive perfumes and swirled her mane of glorious hair in TV ads. But now she wants out, to use her off-the-charts intellect to get a degree in theoretical physics. She hides her elegant angles in baggy sweaters, her sky blue eyes behind dark glasses and returns to university. Her last obstacle to her PhD is her famous doctoral thesis chairman who harbors an impatience with women in the sciences.

    A collision of the heart is certain when the two realize their IQ's don't stand a chance against the inevitable.



    Byron bent his arm to expose his big watch, then shrugged and smiled to himself. She wasn’t going to show. Well, maybe that was a bit of luck. Wonderful looking girl, that tall one coming. For the banquet, he wondered? Certainly worth checking into. Amazing legs. Just the kind he liked, that could wrap around a man and drive him crazy. She’d be with someone, a girl like that. Well, that might not be an insurmountable problem. It usually wasn’t.

    He watched her come toward him and narrowed his eyes. She stopped ten feet away. “Dr. Rossi. How nice,” she hissed, “to find you waiting for me.”

    He swallowed his surprise and with an effort made his face expressionless. Well, well, well. So this is what Iolanthe McKenna hides. I wonder that I didn’t see it before. Drop dead beautiful and mad as hell.

    He looked at his watch. “Late as usual, I see, McKenna. You might as well come along. It’ll be time to sit down soon. Would you like a drink first?”


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To A Certain Degree - print

To A Certain Degree - print

An eminent physicist and his gorgeous student detonate when their astronomical IQ's clash.

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