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Hollow Point - ebook View larger

Hollow Point - ebook

A traffic stop is anything but ordinary for Tribal Officer Pat Colson.

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    There is no such thing as an ordinary traffic stop, something Tribal Officer Pat Colson is reminded of when pulling over a dusty old Buick. Before he knows it, shots are flying and he is huddled behind his police cruiser for cover.

    In the ensuring investigation, a sizable amount of methamphetamine is discovered in the suspects’ vehicle. Uncut and very potent, the question is where does it come from— the Reservation or elsewhere?

    With everyone on the Reservation becoming a suspect, and little information to go on, Colson must act fast to stop the dangerous drug from killing more innocent victims and stop a murderer in his tracks.



    “Oh shi—”

    The bullet whizzed by Pat Colson’s left ear. He hauled ass and dove behind the rear of his patrol car. Another explosive volley of the familiar AK-47 thundered from the direction of the car he stopped for speeding. He almost made it to the offending car before the muzzle of the passenger’s weapon emerged from the side window and the suspect fired a round.

    Colson barely dropped behind his own vehicle before automatic rapid explosions erupted in bright pops and flashes of the fading daylight. His patrol car was disintegrating in the withering fire.

    His own 9 mil Glock seemed like a toy compared to what was sizzling his way. He tried to wait until the shooter emptied his clip before attempting to return fire, but by that time, the driver had pulled a weapon of his own and kept the onslaught continuous. Colson was pinned down.

    The impending bad outcome ravaged his gut. There wasn’t a way out. His only hope was that backup would arrive before the gunmen stopped the wild shooting and begin to site their target more carefully. God only knew when that would be, but his portable radio was about his only chance of getting out of this alive.


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Hollow Point - ebook

Hollow Point - ebook

A traffic stop is anything but ordinary for Tribal Officer Pat Colson.

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