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  • A Guardian's Heart
    A Guardian's Heart

    Strength can be drawn from pain…if the heart can heal faster than...

  • Rush

    In a world where humans are below Shifters, a tiger falls for a human...

  • Consuming the Darkness
    Consuming the Darkness

    He needs your heart to survive.

  • Into Nostra
    Into Nostra

    They have opened the door to the apex predator, and now it is hunting them.


List of products by  Angelica Hart & Zi

Creative synergy sizzled when the authors, from Delaware, USA, met and soon a literary partnership formed.  They live states apart but meet several week days through Skype and JoinMe, to dive into their collaboration of taking readers to new places and other worlds, to help them suspend reality, and to simply entertain. 

Their combined accomplishments include book publications in print and/or electronic versions of sixty plus titles. Six with CBG, EPPIE finalist for three books, Cecil Whig award, Hob-Nob Reader's Choice Award, Finalist for Champagne Books Novel of the Year, Finalist Champagne Books Author of the Year. Plus, they have written over 500 shorts with numerous published in both nationwide and small press magazines, articles published in various local, city and statewide newspapers, including four as a Guest Columnist in addition to trade articles. Both are members of various writing groups.

“Love and lust conjoined upon imagination’s roller coaster,” said Zi.   

“Enjoy the ride,” added Angelica.

You can find more about and connect with Angelica Hart and Zi at the links below:

http://dawnsreadingnook.blogspot (Writers Write... Writing Partners Feud - Every Thursday) (Tattle and Wrye Reviews 1st of every month)

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