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If you have made a purchase through the CBG cart and received no response, please read the instructions below before contacting us. If you are unable to open our files, please read below.

Every customer purchasing an eBook directly from CBG's main cart will receive their download link in their 'my orders' section of their account (click on the order number, and then the book title will be listed under the product heading. Click on it to download your ebook)and in adownload link in their e-mail. Customers who do not immediately receive a link are advised to check spam, bulk, and junk mail folders before contacting Carnal Passions. There are normally three reasons why the e-mail will not immediately arrive in your inbox:

  • Your e-mail provider viewed our mail as SPAM and filtered it. To prevent this from happening, set all addresses as friendly senders.
  • You paid with a credit card through Paypal. In some cases, Paypal may hold a payment before it is confirmed. When this happens, our cart will hold the mail with the links until the payment is completely processed. If you are not sure this happened in your case, contact Champagne Books.
  • You entered an incorrect e-mail address when you filled out your order. This does happen - it only takes a missing letter or a typo in your e-mail address for your order mail to bounce. Please check your e-mail address when you enter in our cart to make sure it is correct.

Please note, our ebooks come as zipped files with all the current formats available. 

  • Download the freeware 7-ZIP HERE. This takes you direct to a download page where you can download the software and start unzipping your files.
  • You may also usea  WOBZip, an online site that unzips files without requiring purchase of software.  Simply unzip and sale the files to your computer.

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